Chitkara Central Library Rules

The library services are open to registered members. The following categories of persons are eligible to enroll as membership of the Library.
Category Eligible Groups
Research Scholars/PhD Registered Research Scholars/PhD students of Chitkara University
Post Graduate Registered postgraduate students of Chitkara University
Undergraduate Registered Undergraduate students of Chitkara University
Faculty Regular Teaching staff of the Chitkara University (including visiting faculty) of the rank of lecturer and above, Principle, Director and Vice Chancellor
Associates Teaching and Research staff at Chitkara University of the rank of lecturer or its equivalent and above, Non-teaching staff of Chitkara University the rank of assistant registrar and above.
Junior Associates Teaching Assistants, Demonstrators, Laboratory superintendents, assistant engineers and equivalent posts at Chitkara University
Staff Administrative and Technical staff of Chitkara University and above, not covered under the Faculty, Associate and Junior Associate categories

For enrolment as a member faculty, associates, junior associates and staff members have to fill library membership form available in all the libraries. They have to submitted filled form with sign from their HOD along with the requisite fee, if applicable, and one additional photograph of 1.5”x1.5” size.

Membership Card issued to the members is property of the Chitkara University and the Members are required to surrender the same to the Registrar Office at the time of leaving the Chitkara University or conclusion of the program at the Chitkara University.

Member must carry his membership card on every visit to the Library, and produce it whenever demanded by the Library staff.

Member should keep his membership card safely. He is liable for any use/misuse of his card by others. In the event of loss or theft of the membership card, the member should immediately inform the help desk. His card will be disabled and a duplicate card shall be issued if he so requires on payment of requisite fee.

Unauthorized use of other member’s Membership card for using the library services is illegal and liable for disciplinary action.

Nonmembers can visit the library only with special permission of the Librarian. Assistant librarian shall act in the absence of the librarian. A recommendation from a Head of Department of the Chitkara University or parent organization may be required for obtaining such permission.

Entrance Inside Library

All members have to show there library card before entering the library. Membership card is mandatory for use of library service.

Members have to scan their ID Cards at the entrance. The scanning of the ID card shall ensure that the person concerned agrees to abide by the rule and regulations of the library. Those library user don’t have library Id cards can sign their attendance in Register.

The security personnel at the entrance of the library examine everything the passes in to or goes out of the library.

Book Loans
Only Registered members are entitled to borrow books from the library. The following table provides borrowing privileges for various categories of members and various types of collections.
Collection Type® General Books Text Books
Category¯ Entitlement Duration Entitlement Duration
Research Scholars /PhD 02 90 days 06 90 Days
Postgraduate 01 22 Days 06 22 Days
Undergraduate 01 22 Days 05 22 Days
Faculty 02 One Semester 08 One Semester
Associates 02 90 days 04 90 days
Junior Associates 02 90 days 02 90 days
Staff 01 90 days 01 90 days
Collection Type CD's Journals
Research Scholars /PhD 01 02 Days 01 02 Day
Postgraduate 01 01 Day 01 02 Day
Undergraduate 01 01 Day 01 02 Day
Faculty 02 02 Day 02 02 Day
Associates, Junior Associates, Staff, Paid 01 02 Day 01 02 Day

For issuing of the book members have to fill issue slip available on issue counter.

  • Librarian at his discretion may allow more books or extend duration of loan in case of genuine requirement of the member.
  • A member shall be required to produce Membership card to borrow books. In case of library card lost the member should be report immediately in writing to the librarian. And duplicate ID card can be re-issue of from registrar office.
  • Books once issued, should not be brought inside, unless it is to be returned
  • Books can’t return on the same day.
  • There will be no renewing of books.
  • Members cannot issue same author, same title books and same edition.
  • Members cannot sign for other members. Member has to present in the library to get books issued.

GATE PASS A Gate Pass will be issued by the circulation counter for each book issued to a member. The Gate Pass along with the issued book will be handed over by the member to the Security Personal on duty for verification. After verifying the particulars, the Security personal will deliver the books to the borrower keeping the Gate pass for record.

Books not available for Loan

The following collections are available only for consultation within the library and can be borrowed for short duration, with a special permission of the Librarian only in case of extraordinary circumstances:

Reference books, reference text books, standards, current issues of journals, institutional archive material. But members can use reprographic service provided by library.

Due-date for return of books and consequences of delay in return

All books borrowed from the library must be returned within the stipulated due date. The Librarian however, may recall any book before the due date.

Members who are moving out of station on leave, project work, Training or any other work should make arrangement to return books borrowed by them.

The Library normally sends reminders of overdue books from time to time, however, non receipt of such a reminder by a member cannot be accepted as a valid reason for delay in return of books.

Failure to return books in time will attract the following punitive actions:-

  • Fine of Rs. 2 per day will be charged for the overdue book only from undergraduate, Postgraduate students and paid members and there is no fine on Research Scholars /PhD, Faculty, Associates, Junior Associates and Staff members.
  • Suspension of Membership: If the member fails to return books even after 15 days from the due-date the membership will be suspended until return of all over-due books standing in his name along with overdue charges.
  • Recovery of cost of books: If a member fails to return a book even after 1 month from the due-date, list of defaulters will be sent to the Registrar for recovery of the cost as from the member’s account and/or security. The cost will be calculated as per the Rules, also be applicable if the book is a part or volume of set that cannot be purchased separately.
  • Refusal of Registration in the following semester: In case of defaulting student member’s registration to next semester may be refused until return of overdue books.
  • Termination of Membership: Membership of habitual defaulters may be recommended for termination of the membership.
  • All the fine will be upload on Chalkpad. No library staff member can take fine in cash. Payment for printout and scanning will also be upload on Chalkpad.

If the borrower leaves Chitkara University Campus/ Hostel and is not expected to return before the due date for returning borrowed material, he should return or renew such material before leaving the city.

A borrower going on leave with or without salary, deputation, study leave, or extra-ordinary leave will have to return all borrowed material before leaving Chitkara University Campus/ Hostel.

Calculation of Cost of Books

Cost of Books to be recovered from a member shall be computed in the following manner:
  • 200% of the Price of books as shown in the Accession Register, OR 150% of price of the book as shown in the accession register + overdue charges if applicable, + Rs. 50, WHICHEVER IS HIGHER.
  • In case the price of the books is not available in the accession register, list price of the latest edition in-print or the last edition of out-of-print books will be treated as price of the book for the purpose.
  • In case, price of a book received is gratis and its cost is not known, it will be determined by the Librarian.

Loss or damage of books borrowed from the Library by the member

In case of loss of books borrowed by the member, the member should immediately inform the Library. He shall be required to make good such loss, by paying the cost of the books so lost within two weeks of informing the Library. The cost will be calculated as per Rule.

If such a book that has been lost by the member is a volume or part of a set is not available for purchase separately, the member shall have to pay the cost of whole set. In such cases, he may be allowed by the librarian to claim the remaining parts or volumes of the set.

A member may opt to replace the books lost by him with a new copy of the latest edition. In such case he will also be liable to pay Rs. 50/- as service charge and overdue charges if any, up to the date of his informing the loss to the library. In the event of change in the imprint of the lost book, Librarian’s decision will be final in accepting a different imprint.

Members are required to keep the books borrowed from the library in good physical condition and not to mark or damage the books. Members should carefully check the books before borrowing for any deficiency and damage and get the same verified by the staff on duty. Members are liable to make good the marking or damage to the books borrowed by them as in the same way as applicable to Rules.

Books borrowed from the library are for personal study and should not be used for any direct commercial purpose. Copying from the library books is subject to copyright restriction.

If a member is suffering from a communicable disease that can spread through books, such member should not visit the library and handle the library books. In case such member unknowingly has been handling the books, he should promptly inform the Librarian who would make arrangement for disinfection of the books before re-circulating the same.

New Collection

Any student can give direct requirement for new books to librarian by form hardcopy available in library or online by login in their account.

Student can also download the form from library website

Faculties members have fill book requisition form get sign form HOD in written and submitted to library staff.


All the HODs of the departments are communicated to raise their requisitions for books, journals and any other material based on the curriculum.

Depending on the requisitions raised, vendors are selected.

Quotations are asked from different vendors which are compared and evaluated for best price.

After Receiving the quotation PO will be made and send to VC office for the approval. Once the VC office approves the PO, the order will be send.

Books and journals are procured and entry is done in the accession register. The books are stamped with library stamp for identification as library property

After the stock entry the books are placed in the respective departmental racks and then circulated through circulation desks.

The e-resources received from the supplier are uploaded on the Website and ensured that they are accessible to the users.

Discipline, security and privacy

All personal belongings should be kept outside the Library at the designated place.

Own reading material cannot be brought inside the library, except small notebooks for taking notes. Books from one collection should not be taken to another section without permission of the Library staff. For example books from textbook section should not be taken to reading hall or periodicals section.

Books or other materials taken from the stacks should not be re-shelved by the readers but should be left on the tables reserved for this purpose.

Please remember that a book misplaced is a book lost.

Computer terminals provided in the Library for searching the Online Public Access catalogues, CDROM databases, or retrieving any other online information made available through Library systems. Use of these terminals for any unauthorized purpose, accessing Chitkara University or external networks, changing or damaging the hardware/software settings, data or any other illegal activity will be liable for punitive action. Library will provided printout facility for members on cost.

Using computers for social media is prohibited. (Computers are only used for education-projects, research E-Journals etc). If any student misuse Internet Inter-disciplinary action will be taken against him or her.

Silence and order must at all times be maintained in and around the Library. Smoking is not allowed inside the Library. Visitors are expected to maintain a decent and civilized behavior and mannerism.

Mobile phone in vibration mode only is permissible.

Library staffs have a right to ask any person whose presence in their opinion has violated the Rule or whose presence in their opinion will be detrimental to decorum and environment conducive to reading, to leave the library premises. Repeated incidence of such behavior will attract punitive action.

All visitors to the library, including members may be subjected to frisking and bag checks, if required. This is necessary to prevent theft of library material.

Theft and mutilation of the library material, damage or defacing of the library property, and indulging in unlawful activities, indecent or socially unacceptable behavior will be construed as serious misconduct and people indulging in, encouraging or abating such activities and in possession of unauthorized library books are liable for punitive action by the Institute authorities as well as criminal proceedings.

The Library may be fitted with detection, vigilance and anti-theft equipment.

The librarian reserves the right to suspend membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.

The librarian may recall any book from member at any time or suspend his/her services without explaining.